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Logistic Base

Managing and building the first solar powered logistic base attests to how eager and thorough we get when the subject is property. The structure boasts of 1750sqm centrally air-conditioned offices, 950sqm centrally air-conditioned warehouses  and archives, 620 sqm non air-conditioned warehouse.4500sqm of parking space to park 150 vehicles (130 vehicles, 20 coaster buses) and maintenance area, fuel dump and lube bay and accommodation services for Logistics and security personnel.

We are available to manage your building projects. We will exceed your expectation.

Total energies Coop Logistics Base is a world class logistic base built for Total energies EPNL by Total energies Cooperative

The objective was to provide a linkage point for one Total energies. Using its Savings and Investment vehicle, Total energies Cooperative built the first solar-powered logistic bay for TUCN.

The uniqueness of the Total  energies Coop Logistics Base includes:

  • 1750 sqm office space with central air-conditioning system.
  • 950sqm centrally air-conditioned warehouses & Archives.
  • 620 sqm non air-conditioned warehouse.
  • 4500sqm of parking space to park 150 vehicles (130 vehicles, 20 coaster buses) and maintenance area.
  • Fuel Dump and Lube Bay.
  • Accommodation services for Logistics and security personnel

Benefits of Total energies  Cooperative Logistics Bay:

  • Solved logistics and warehouse challenges at significant cost savings
  • Created a fuel dump area where fuel and lubricants used for TUCN and staff vehicles are provided
  • TEPNG able to provide solar energy to power Total energies Coop Logistics Bay
  • TUCN staff receive salaries from TUCN and in turn make savings in the cooperative for investments, and also use fuel from Total energies Coop fuel dump.