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Financial Services

The Cooperative, is a leading financial services group with universal banking capabilities. As Nigeria’s best cooperative society by assets and earnings, we have served the needs of our members, providing a full range of financial products and services since 1984. Our full-service offering includes saving and borrowing, investment and wealth management, and advisory services.

Savings Account

We have put together some ideas, which should help you on your way to a healthy savings future. If you are looking for smart savings guidance, we are here to help you start to build a handy nest egg.

Members of the co-operative have the opportunity of banking with us by taking advantage of our savings account which currently provides a range of annual investment return depending on the funds amount involved and is subject to review in line with the economic and market realities. Members can download our forms online for application to be processed by our banking division units. The savings account beneficiary avails members of the co-operative the minimum contributory scheme of investment and access to other loans especially the special loans, project loans and the ordinary loan. Our consistency in this product is that we always outperform the savings products of commercial banks in Nigeria as a way of making enough incentive available to our members such that we always become the best choice of investment abode.


Experience a great return on your Investments with us.

Our CIS Product is in line with the time deposits of 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days of investment, depending on the interest rate applicable with respect to the value consideration. We pride in the ability to present higher investment returns to our members as a way of promoting the co-operative spirit of togetherness in business. Members can download the related forms applicable for the processing of CIS.


The loan products of the co-operatives are in four (4) major categories and they are:

Ordinary Loans

This is the first among all legacy loan that is entitled to a member. A member must have contributed for 6months to access this loan. Its approval is based on availability of fund.

Special Loans

This is the next loan a member should take after he has exhausted his chance of getting ordinary loan. Its approval is based on availability of fund and the tenor is for 12 month.

Project Loans

A member must have contributed for 18 months to access project loan and should have also exhausted his chances of ordinary and special loan.

Mortgage Loan

A member is entitled to mortgage loan after four years of employment subject to his/her entitlement in the Company as at the time of the request. The tenor of the loan is 10 years.