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The ultimate responsibility of the cooperative is to help you make hay while the sun shines. We provide you with the best financial services that you can expect from a leading financial group like us.

We have put everything in place to guarantee a safe and healthy savings prospect for you. You don’t need to worry about anything because we do everything for you. Whether you just want to put money aside or save towards a project, we will help you achieve that dream.

Taking advantage of our savings account provides you opportunity to get an annual investment return depending on the funds amount involved and economic and market realities. Guess what? Your savings account avails you the minimum contributory scheme of investment and access to other loans. Hurry now. Download our form online for your seamless application.

We have put together some ideas, which should help you on your way to a healthy savings future. If you are looking for smart savings guidance, we are here to help you start to build a handy nest egg.

Here are our different categories of savings: