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Nothing hurts like an opportunity lost. This is your best moment to make your life better. Take advantage of the membership benefits in the cooperative. Come on board!

The requirements and procedures for membership with the cooperative is contained in the following guidelines:


  • Must purchase minimum shares of 200, 000 units and same must be unencumbered for his/her membership life.
  • Ordinarily resident within Nigeria. However, a member who in the course of his job leaves the field of operation of this Society may however retain his membership therein.
  • Must be of good character.
  • Of not less than 18 years of age except in the case of an heir of a deceased member, and where the Director grants exemption from his qualification.
  • Must be TEPNG Staff on TEPNG Payroll.
  • Retired TEPNG Staff who are qualified for pension, may also be admitted subject to the approval of the Management Committee.


  1. Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Management Committee who shall have the discretion to grant or refuse same. Every member shall on admission be required to sign the Membership Form.

Contact us via our official extension 50534 for more information on membership.