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Generator Scheme

Cooperative Power Improvement/Generator Scheme

Total E&P Nigeria Ltd operates the generator scheme, but routes it through the Cooperative.

Beneficiaries are employees of TEPNG who have served a minimum of two years in the company.

After the initial receipt (i.e. after the first two -years), subsequent re-entry to the scheme is after five years.

At the beginning of the year, Human Resource (HR) department, through the Employee Relations and Benefits (ERB) unit, contacts the Cooperative for generator price list. Cooperative at this point contacts the vendors: Mantrac Nig. Ltd, Jubaili Bros Engineering Ltd and JMG Ltd for their different prices, and a comprehensive comparative price list is forwarded to ERB with 0.2% cooperative commission.

The ERB sends the lists of qualifying employees to the Cooperative either at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of each quarter.

Beneficiaries are contacted on quarterly basis for re-entry by ERB who also instructs Cooperative to forward the generator form to the people contacted.

Cooperative sends the form to beneficiaries who make a choice of either:

  1. The Generator
  2. Cash or
  3. Cooperative savings

A minimum of two weeks is given to beneficiaries to return the filled form.

Those who fail to meet this deadline are placed on “NO RESPONSE” list for cash option

At the end of the two weeks, the beneficiaries are compiled and the schedule, base on their options is forwarded to ERB for processing and payment.

At the receipt of fund into Cooperative’s bank account, payments are made to beneficiaries who opted for cash, savings accounts are credited for those who select cooperative savings while purchase order is placed for those who select generator with delivery detail.

Payments are made to vendors at the receipt of invoice after delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment.