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Lube Bay

Total E&P Cooperative has partnered with a vehicle dealership, Germaine Auto Centre, to provide vehicle maintenance and repair services at the Logistics Base Limited.

The Standard Service Plan ensure all base line requirements for a car are in place based on the manufacturer’s recommendation (every 5,000 Km or 3 months).

These services includes: Lubrication service using either semi synthetic or synthetic grade oils as prescribed by the manufacturer. Multi-Point Inspection – an assessment of your vehicle to point out parts which may need additional attention or replacement. Inspect & Adjust Fluid Levels including – transmission fluid, steering oil, brake fluid, etc. Rotating the tires for wear and tear Check & Adjust Tire Pressure (Including Spare) Inspect and recommend repair where applicable: Tires for unusual wear & damage, Brake Pads & Linings, Brake Discs & Drums, Brake Lines & Hoses. Free Towing during emergencies Free Lunch (Owner/Driver) / Refreshments when waiting on site.