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STEM Educational TOURS

In collaboration with NASA (Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas), Total E&P Cooperative  provides educational tour of NASA and Neural Buoyancy laboratory.  The NASA tour included the tour to space vehicle mock up facility, Orion Mission control, Rocketry build/swing test and launch, lunar habitat construction, robotics build and competition, tour of the Neural buoyancy Lab and starship galaxy. The NASA training also included rover engineering /design project, astronaut training, Mars Landing design, rocket park and rover obstacle course, space suit design and space physiology. The other services include obtaining visas, ticketing, airport pick up and drop off, inner-city transport in Houston, travel insurance, chaperone services etc.

The program objectives are to integrate out-of-box thinking to each participant, apply theoretical concept to solving real life scientific problems, understand innovation and deploy it to commercial usefulness in our society, build confidence and team-work among young adults.

Total Coop recent visit to nasa

total coop stars and stem tour